Sexy Shapely Legs. Curvy calves, tone thighs, feminine feet, and beautiful round butts. Legsultra showcases hot, leggy girls in the skimpiest skirts, dresses, shorts, swimsuits, panties and high heels.
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Annie Mae knows how fit and hot her legs are compared to those of other girls and she's not afraid to make it known. She talks to Annabelle about how her calves are so strong and powerful and the two girls have a mini leg duel.

Video: 25 Minutes
Photos: 50


Vivian shows off her immensely huge calves and quads in work out attire and tall heels. She lies down on a plush rug and stretches, flexes, and squeezes her strong muscular gams. She stands up and paces to and fro in white platform shoes. Then, she picks up some weights and flaunts off her strength.

Video: 20 Minutes
Photos: 68


Holly is the epitome of hotness in her gold heels and short dress. She talks dirty to you and asks you what you want to do to her and her long stems. She rubs herself up and down, seducing you with her silky smooth legs and naughty talk.
Video: 19 Minutes
Photos: 53


Juliette is beautiful in her blue top and matching high heels. She dances and poses her long limbs in her tall shoes. Then she take the heels off, and lays on top of the side board and kicks her feet and gams back and forth, showing the camera her smooth moves.

Video: 17 Minutes
Photos: 41



Daniela wears white cutoff shorts and white ballerina slip-ons to show off her beautiful calves and magnificently structured quads. She starts off by kicking out her legs, showing off their definition, then she massages her calves and pushes them against her body to bulge them out.

Video: 5 Minutes


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Kristina lounges in her tall platform stilettos and short jean skirt. She sits on her chair and poses her long, silky legs. Then she stands up and struts around, looking longingly at the camera. Finally, she lays on her pink throw and stretches out her limbs barefoot.

Video: 18 Minutes
Photos: 61


Annie Mae gives us a sneak peak at her workout regiment. She uses weights and does dead lifts, lunges and squats with them, showing off how powerful and strong she is. Then she puts on her heels and does even more squats and lunges!

Video: 18 Minutes
Photos: 60


Annabelle flaunts her beautiful porcelain stems in white strappy heels and a short skirt. She stands and poses for the camera, showing off her round, bubble butt. Then she takes a seat and criss-crosses her legs slowly while she stares at the camera seductively.

Video: 18 Minutes
Photos: 33


Vivian & Mia get playful with each other in their skimpy, revealing clothes. They start laying down on a rug and play footsies with one another. Then, they take a seat and criss-cross their toned, tanned, and muscular legs together. Finally, they stand up in their tall black heels and pose for the camera.

Video: Minutes
Photos: 33


Holly is exceptionally leggy in her tight black dress and red platform heels. She shows off all the curves in her finely chiseled legs. She paces back and forth while flaunting her flawless stems. Then she takes off her hells and lays down to stretch her gams out.

Video: 18 Minutes
Photos: 58




New model Juliette is looking extraordinarily sexy in her tall white heels and short shorts. She displays her beautful stems for the camera by posing in various positions. She takes a seat and stretches out her long, svelte limbs.

Video: 17 Minutes
Photos: 47

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Note: Older videos are rotated offline and can be purchased individually from the Radrotica site


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