Sexy Shapely Legs. Curvy calves, tone thighs, feminine feet, and beautiful round butts. Legsultra showcases hot, leggy girls in the skimpiest skirts, dresses, shorts, swimsuits, panties and high heels.
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Nikki is absolutely stunning in her blue thong panties and top. She seduces you with her amazing physique, shapely thighs, and bubbly butt. She tells you that you are beneath her and that you should worship her. Then, she shows off to you and teases you with her dance moves.

Video: 20 Minutes
Photos: 81



Mia L. and Felicity are ravishing in their sky high blue heels. Their legs are immaculately sculpted and are perfectly toned. They stand next to each other and rotate their bodies in all directions, showing off their amazing curves from all angles. Then they sit down, bare footed, and criss-cross their legs one over the other and gently caress their stems.

Video: 20 Minutes
Photos: 92



Debbie & Tomika chat over their beautifully fit legs and admire each other's extra toned limbs. They chat about what type of physical fitness activities they do to keep in shape. Then, they stand up and compare legs and do a little bit of a dance. They take their heels off and massage their calves together and put their bare feet together and bicycle their legs.

Video: 14 Minutes
Photos: 47

Andrea shows off her ultra fit legs in a blue stripped dress and heels. She stands at attention and poses for the camera from all angles. She takes a seat and criss-crosses her legs, thigh over thigh. Then she gets on the ground and stretches out her limbs.

Video: 14 Minutes
Photos: 67


Beautiful brunette Abby makes her debut in a pink thong and matching pumps. She stands tall and shows off every inch of her long, svelte legs and nice juicy butt. She sits down on the chair and crosses her legs back and forth. Then, she takes off her heels, lays on her back and scissors her legs.

Video: 18 Minutes
Photos: 90

Annie Mae gets competitive with new model Amaya seeing that she has muscular legs. Their legs flex as they try to push and shove each other over. They see who has bigger calves by pressing them against the couch. They compare leg crossing techniques. They leg wrestle and get each other in various leg locks. Then they go foot to foot comparing sheer leg strength.

Video: 16 Minutes
Photos: 69


Annabelle looks sleek and ultra sexy in her bikini and fluorescent pumps. She poses outdoors on a bench with her legs pressed out and flexing all of her lower muscles for ultimate definition. She paces back and forth showing off her bubbly ass and toned stems.

Video: 14 Minutes
Photos: 55


Felicity is smoking hot in her red fishnet top and matching heels. She lays down on a plush rug and extends her limbs, scissors her tan, fit legs and kicks out her heels. She stands up and shows off her rear end and immaculately toned thighs. From her barstool, she gives the camera a sexy stare down and she maneuvers her stems back and forth.

Video: 17 Minutes
Photos: 85


Skylar returns just in time for Christmas wearing a festive hat and tall red heels. She knows that you all you want for Christmas are her long, perfect stems. She models for you to show you her magnificent legs. Her thighs are tight and toned and her calves are well defined and muscular. She lays down on the couch and teases you with her best assets.

Video: 20 Minutes
Photos: 91



New model Mia Li is super fit and super fine. She has the immaculate, sculpted legs of a well seasoned athlete. In her debut set, she shows off all her goods in a purple corduroy thong and matching heels. She flexes her strong calves and quad while standing. Then she takes a seat and crosses her legs slowly, exposing herself to the camera.

Video: 19 Minutes
Photos: 78


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