Sexy Shapely Legs. Curvy calves, tone thighs, feminine feet, and beautiful round butts. Legsultra showcases hot, leggy girls in the skimpiest skirts, dresses, shorts, swimsuits, panties and high heels.
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Annabelle and Nikki show off their killer bodies and booties in tall heels and micro bikinis. The stand up and worship each other's legs, running their hands up and down each other's stems. They sit down and cross legs and pretzel them together. Then, they lay down on the and playfully pretzel their legs.

Video: 19 Minutes
Photos: 59


Amaya looks gorgeous in her pink top, jean skirt, and matching heels. She stands and flexes her insanely sculpted calves and shows off her toned legs. She poses for the camera while laying down and pushes out her toes so you can see the full definition in her gams.

Video: 16 Minutes
Photos: 76


Annie Mae poses sexy for you in her stripped, skimpy dress, panties, and white heels. She struts in and know that you want to see what she has to offer so she gives it to you. She teases and looks you with her sultry eyes while she flexes her muscular thighs and calves. She takes a seat by the fireplace and exposes her fit legs from all angles.

Video: 17 Minutes
Photos: 64


Mia and Felicty flirt with each other in their tiny booty short and white heels. They rub lotion all over their legs while talking sexy, Then they rub their well lubed limbs together while the camera looks on.

Video: 22 Minutes
Photos: 95




Randy and Skylar look sexy and sultry in their black lingerie and tall heels. They talk to you and tell you to worship their long stems. They tell you how unworthy you are to be in the presence of such beautiful, fit ladies while they tease you.

Video: 20 Minutes
Photos: 67


Annabelle is bold and beautiful in her red lace body suit and white heels. She poses sexily showing off her bulging bubbly butt and sleek stems. She criss-crosses her legs and juts out her toes so the camera can capture her well defined calves.

Video: 17 Minutes
Photos: 89



Annie Mae and Amaya are leg powerhouses in their yellow and black outfits. They stretch out their limbs laying down then stand and flex their incredibly muscular calves and quads. The pace back and forth to show off the definition and lines in their gams.

Video: 20 Minutes
Photos: 65


Felicity shows off her extremely fit legs and cute bootie in brown panties and wedges. She paces back and forth, extending out her limbs to flaunt her exceptionally sculpted calves and quads. Then she takes a seat and maneuvers her legs back and forth slowly. You can definitely tell she has been working out because she can control her leg movements.

Video: 19 Minutes
Photos: 56


Randy and Skylar practice their cheer skills in really short, leg baring pleated skirts and white heels. The stretch out their extra long, svelte legs by bending over and showing off their asses. They sit down and synchronously cross their legs, showing off their muscles and definition. Then they go into their flirtatious cheer routine with each other.

Video: 17 Minutes
Photos: 51


Annabelle shows off her well sculpted limbs in her tie dyed dress and pink stilettos. Her dress is so short that her panties peak out, exposing her round ass. Her pale, porcelain legs are tone and muscular as she poses from all directions. She takes a seat and scissors her legs, flaunting her beautiful calves and quads.

Video: 13 Minutes
Photos: 47

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Note: Older videos are rotated offline