Sexy Shapely Legs. Curvy calves, tone thighs, feminine feet, and beautiful round butts. Legsultra showcases hot, leggy girls in the skimpiest skirts, dresses, shorts, swimsuits, panties and high heels.
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Annie Mae meets her calf rival Vivian and she is very impressed with what she sees. The two girls chat about the magnificent legs, calves, and quads. The tell each other their leg routines all the while trying to keep their hands off each other's legs.

Video: 25 Minutes
Photos: 79


Mia and Abby show off their magnificent legs and asses in jean thongs and tall wedge shoes. The two girls have conversation about their beautiful stems. They compliment each other's assets and gently run their fingers up and down their gams.

Video: 17 Minutes
Photos: 67

Ariel shows off her silky smooth and tanned stems in jean thongs and pink stilettos. She poses standing up from the front, sides, and of course her magnificent rear end. She doesn't pay any attention to the camera as she maneuvers her legs to and fro.

Video: 19 Minutes
Photos: 47



Mari is magnificent in her tight black skirt and black heels. She stands tall and erect, showing off all the intricate definition in her incredibly sculpted legs. She sexily moves across the screen to impress you with her thick calves and round ass. She sits on a chair and flaunts her muscular stems by slowly scissoring them back and forth.

Video: 17 Minutes
Photos: 55


Juliette models her slim, toned legs in a blue nightie and black heels. She takes a seat a stretches out her perfect, porcelain limbs. Then, she stands up and poses for the camera, criss-crossing the legs sexily.

Video: 12 Minutes
Photos: 54

Daniela & Alena show off their incredibly oiled and sculpted legs in tall, thin heels. They start off with their calves facing the camera as the manuever slowly, crossing and rubbing each other's stems. They pace across each other's paths and continue to caress legs.

Video: 10 Minutes


Kristina is magnificent in her short white skirt and matching platform heels. She sits on a small green poof and sexily motions her legs back and forth. Then she stands up and poses for the camera, flaunting all her beautiful assets while flirting with the camera. Finally, she rolls around on some pillows as she flexes and maneuvers her limbs to and fro.

Video: 18 Minutes
Photos: 46


Abby is smoking, sexy, red hot in red panties and a sequenced tube top. Her flaming red wedges accentuate her legs and plump butt. She puts on a tease show by bending over while rubbing her legs and butt. She slowly removes her shoes and stands on her tippy toes while still softly stroking her gams. She moves all around the lounge chair cross her legs, posing her posterior, and playfully eying the camera.

Video: 18 Minutes
Photos: 56


New model Milcah makes her debut with the stunning Mia Li. The two asian hotties dress up in jean thongs and heels. They stand and caress each other's fit legs and thighs. They move their bodies in unison as the stretch and flex their muscular legs. They sit on their bar stools and play footsies with their high stiletto heels on. Then, they take off their shoes, lean back, and get some leg play in with each other.

Video: 17 Minutes
Photos: 44


Ariel returns with her amazing magnificently shaped legs. She is in the shower with ruffled panties and yellow heels. She rubs oil all over herself and poses with her soft, glistening stems. Then she walks over to the shower and runs the water, letting it bead down on her silky, tan gams.

Video: 16 Minutes
Photos: 48

Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Note: Older videos are rotated offline and can be purchased individually from the Radrotica site


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